You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it.

Project your crypto investment strategies in a simple and intuitive way. Test different scenarios, simulate the results. Avoid liquidations. Maximize your profitability.

Visualize you medium and long term investment strategies

Projection Finance uses a snapshot of the user's positions on Aave v3 to create projections and simulations. In this way, we can help you make better investment decisions and understand the potential impact of your actions.

Simulate actions between the different DeFi protocols

For the moment only available on Aave V3, the DeFi action simulation will be available in the future for all major protocols. So, like a huge sandbox, you will be able to simulate any strategy you can think of!

Analyze your risk exposure. Avoid liquidation. Plan better.

At a critical time for crypto and deFi, we think it's important to help as many people as possible better understand the mechanics of deFi investments. If investors, whoever they may be, better understand the risks and benefits of their strategy, the whole ecosystem will be better off!

Our vision: simplify strategic investment planning. Everywhere.


With the help of Aave, we were able to launch a first version of the tool for Aave V3 Avalanche. In a second step, we will extend the tool to the whole Aave environment by taking into account the user feedback.

In the Future

We plan to develop the tool for all major deFi protocols. Later, we want to make it possible to project scenarios and simulate actions from one protocol to another in a simple, clear, useful and intuitive way.

Don’t worry, we’re backed by cutting-edge partners

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  1. The project started during the Road to Web3 hackathon organized by ETH Global in February 2022. We did not win but the feedback from many participants pushed us to develop the project

  2. After submitting the project to Aave Grants, we were selected for a grant and started developing the project. We decided to focus on Aave v3 Avalanche and to work on a clear and intuitive user interface.

  3. After 6 months of development, we are ready to launch the first usable version of the application! On this occasion, we will collect all user feedback to guide future improvements.

  4. In the first months of 2023 we will work on the improvement of the tool as well as the integration of all the protocols present on Aave. We will also develop the simulation feature of the tool, designed as a big sandbox to test your different strategies and scenarios.

  5. All major deFi protocols implemented and a tool to visualize complex investment strategies mixing several protocols. An improved projection tool!